Video: 7,000-Year-Old Road Discovered Under Croatian Waters

Screenshot. Archaeologists found a 7,000-year-old road near Koručula under the sea.InternationalIndiaAfricaThe submerged ruins of a 7,000-year-old road have been found, linking an ancient artificial landmass to a Croatian island.Archaeologists have made a fascinating discovery in the waters off the Croatian island of Korčula: an ancient road tied to the lost maritime culture known as the Hvar, who inhabited the region during the Neolithic Era.The remarkable find was made by Igor Borzić, a researcher at the University of Zadar’s Archaeology Department who came upon the discovery after spotting unusual structures about 15 feet underwater in the Bay of Gradina on the western coast of Korčula.Video footage of the stunning detection was released by the University of Zadar, offering additional insight into the submerged passage, which was constructed using stacked stones and measured approximately 12 feet across.The University of Zadar shared a statement, highlighting the significance of the discovery. Alongside the road, the team found flint blades, stone axes, and fragments of millstones, further contributing to the understanding of the mysterious Hvar peoples who arrived in the region around 7,000 years ago.The underwater research is a collaborative effort involving multiple scientists and institutions, led by archaeologist Mate Parica, who has investigated the site for several years. Numerous underwater Hvar ruins and artifacts have already been uncovered, including a settlement built on an artificial island. The recently discovered road served as a connection between this island and the coast of Korčula.The Hvar civilization left behind a variety of artifacts, including ornaments and pottery, which shed light on their subsistence farming practices and burial rituals.Excavations are not limited to underwater surveys but also extend to ancient sites on land. One such site is a cave in the nearby town of Vela Luka, which has been continuously occupied for at least 19,000 years by various cultures, including the Hvar.Beyond Politics19th Century Florida Shipwreck Sees Day of Light Thanks to Storm Erosion29 April, 03:28 GMTThe ongoing archaeological research promises to unveil additional fascinating details about the maritime civilization that thrived in the region thousands of years ago.


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