US Lets Britain Escalate Ukraine Conflict Further by Sending Missiles to Kiev

Britain’s Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, left, welcomes Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky at Downing Street in LondonInternationalIndiaAfricaAs London moves to supply Storm Shadow long-range cruise missiles to the regime in Kiev, experts have explained to Sputnik why the British government likely made this move and how Washington might have influenced the situation.The United States and its allies continue to display unwavering dedication to fanning the flames of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine by providing the regime in Kiev with vast quantities of lethal weapons.Reports emerged last week that the United Kingdom want to kick things up a notch by supplying Kiev with the kind of weaponry other Western countries, such as the US, have so far been reluctant to ship to Ukraine – long-range cruise missiles that could potentially strike targets deep in Russia’s territory.Russian military expert and political analyst Ivan Konovalov, however, told Sputnik that while it may appear that the US does not want to send long-range missiles to Ukraine, the US and the UK may be “working in tandem” when it comes to this matter.

"The Americans have their own political problems, the elections, etc. The Republicans and the Democrats, it seems, will eventually tear out each other’s throat. Biden has completely gone mad, that much is clear," Konovalov speculated. "So they (the US) do not want to escalate the situation – they let the British do it. And so the British supply the long-range missiles, Storm Shadows."

When asked about the prospects of these missiles being used against Russia, Konovalov remarked that Ukraine has already been launching strikes against Russian territory.He did, however, predict that a confirmed Storm Shadow strike deep in Russian territory might prompt a response not against Ukraine, but rather against the “collective West”, Ukraine’s weapon supplier.Meanwhile, “Arsenal of the Fatherland” web portal’s chief editor Dmitry Drozdenko speculated that London may be more interested in the continuation of the Ukrainian conflict than Washington.During an interview with Sputnik, Drodzenko suggested that, unlike the US, the UK does not really care about the situation around Taiwan or the confrontation with China.”On the other hand, the, shall we say, economic devastation of the EU – the bloc Britain had already departed from – and the pacification of Europe allows Britain to deal with its own domestic problems, to a degree,” he claimed, adding that the UK will thus likely engage in escalating the Ukrainian conflict further.The expert also suggested that Ukrainian attacks on Russian soil, such as the recent UAV attack on the Kremlin, might have led London to believe that providing long-range missiles to Kiev would result in an even “bigger bang.”


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