US Conservatives Should Boycott Mainstream Media That Covers Up Biden ‘Crimes’

Former President Donald Trump speaks at the National Rifle Association Convention in Indianapolis, on April 14, 2023InternationalIndiaAfricaJames TweedieDonald Trump’s ‘townhall’ TV debate this week was an unexpected return to collaboration with CNN, the channel he once dubbed the “Fake News Network”. But journalist, former RT News anchor and political commentator Scottie Nell Hughes said the corporate media was still riddled with partisan bias for the Democrats.US conservatives should boycott the mainstream media until it gives them a fair hearing and exposes the “Biden family’s corruption”, says a political commentator.Former RT News anchor-woman Scottie Nell Hughes spoke to Sputnik following former president Donald Trump’s ‘town hall’ appearance on CNN — the liberal-leaning network he had previously denounced for its constant attacks on him.Trump once again upset the applecart of the Democrat-Republican consensus by pledging to end the conflict between Ukraine and Russia within 24 hours if re-elected in 2024 — and saying the US was sending far too much of its own military equipment to arm Ukrainian forces.He also hinted that he would pardon a “large portion” of those convicted over the January 6 protest at the US Capitol against the confirmation of Joe Biden as president-elect.That prompted Rick Wilson, co-founder of the Republican anti-Trump Lincoln Project lobby group to post a social media video meltdown over the event.Hughes noted that Wilson had in fact paid Trump a “compliment” by admitting he was unbeatable in the Republican primaries and even in the presidential election.Meanwhile Democrats were “going around today and trying to do damage control for a network that they thought they owned,” she said, even “calling for the firing of the new CEO” for trying to improve CNN’s ratings.The watershed moment of the debate, the journalist argued, was Trump’s words of support for the jailed January 6 protesters.”He did highlight the fact that, you know, these are firemen, these are police officers. He did highlight that Ashley Babbit was killed in cold blood and that was put on CNN, something that probably has not been said too often on that network,” Hughes stressed. “If you ask the majority of liberals that watch CNN, they get zero coverage.”AmericasBiden Sex Assault Accuser Slams Media ‘Hypocrisy’ Over Trump Sex Pest LawsuitYesterday, 18:26 GMTTrump’s appearance was overshadowed by a New York civil court ruling this week that he must pay $5 million in damages to newspaper columnist E. Jean Carroll over her claims that he forcibly kissed her in a department store dressing room in 1996.The commentator pointed out the hypocrisy of the media focus on every allegation against the former president while downplaying allegations of corruption and misconduct against his successor Joe Biden and his son Hunter.”There’s lots of information and there should be convictions left and right of the Biden family and of the corruption within it,” Hughes said, but “It’s not going to happen. Instead, they’re going to continue to try to do everything they can to demonize.””Until Republicans stand up, just like they stood up against Bud Light and we have that same reaction where it hurts them in their pocketbook. We’re going to continue to see these problems. And I still don’t have good wishes for 2024 because I don’t believe we have the election integrity laws in place on the state side yet,” she added.For more in-depth commentary on the burning issues of the day, check out our Sputnik Radio show The Backstory.


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