Trump’s Fifth

Trump’s FifthInternationalIndiaAfricaThe former US president was questioned on Wednesday at the Manhattan office of the New York attorney general about his family’s business operations; however, rather spill the beans, the one-term former commander-in-chief kept mum for several hours.As one goodfella said in a famous movie, “In this world, there’s no one lower than a rat.”Whether former President Donald Trump is a goodfella or not, we may not know for sure, but there’s one thing we can, however, be sure of: Trump is not a snitch. At least in regards to himself.During his Wednesday deposition, New York Attorney General Letitia James failed to get a single word from Trump about his business activities in New York in regards to the Empire State’s ongoing investigation. As reports have indicated, the ex-president used his constitutional right not to testify against himself.Trump invoked the Fifth Amendment and emphasized that after five years of searching, neither the federal, state, or local authorities had discovered anything on him, Trump claimed, adding that he “did nothing wrong.”The day before that, the FBI conducted an unprecedented raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home, which he described as the use of the US judicial system as a weapon against him. He denounced the raid as being uncalled for, pointless, and inappropriate.The news of his Florida estate’s search and seizure authorized by the US Attorney General has stirred up the entire nation, giving rise to rumors of a totally partisan witch hunt, especially ahead of the upcoming November midterms, in which the ruling Democrats face increasingly long odds.


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