Toyota Land Cruiser Se: An EV Concept with the Off-Roader’s Name

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  • The Toyota Land Cruiser Se concept previews the first electric Land Cruiser.
  • Toyota says the three-row EV SUV measures 202.8 inches long, 78.3 inches wide, and 67.1 inches tall.
  • The LC Se’s 120.1-inch wheelbase is about eight inches longer than the regular 2024 Toyota Land Cruiser’s.

The Toyota Land Cruiser has been revived in the U.S. after the brand’s iconic off-roader took a dirt nap for a few years. Before the 250-series LC has even hit dealerships, Toyota is giving all of us a glimpse of what the first electric model could look like with today’s reveal of the Land Cruiser Se concept.

Electric Land Cruiser

When it comes to concepts, details are usually scarce. While that’s largely the case here, Toyota has released some interesting information along with several digital renderings. For example, we’re told the Land Cruiser Se measures 202.8 inches long, 78.3 inches wide, and 67.1 inches tall. It also has a wheelbase that stretches 120.1 inches. That’s almost eight extra inches between its axles than the new production model.

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Toyota says the unibody LC Se has three rows of seats with room for seven passengers. There’s no mention of powertrains, other than the concept offers a "high-torque driving experience." There’s little doubt that its theoretical powertrain consists of dual electric motors providing all-wheel drive—it is a Land Cruiser after all. The concept suggests its not limited to traveling paved roadways, either, as the press release mentions "confidence in tackling tough terrain."

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While there’s no other information about the Toyota Land Cruiser Se concept, its boxy body is undeniably alluring. Surprisingly, it shares little likeness with its current production counterparts. In fact, were it not for the "Toyota" script on its snout and above its razor-thin taillight band, we wouldn’t even associate it with the automaker.


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