Sudan’s Rapid Support Forces Not Yet Agreed to 7-Day Truce – Leader’s Aide

Дым над зданиями в Хартуме, Судан, на фоне сообщений о столкновениях в городе, 15 апреля 2023 года InternationalIndiaAfricaCAIRO (Sputnik) – The paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF) has yet to agree to a seven-day ceasefire in Sudan, Yusuf Izzat, an adviser to RSF leader Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, said on Tuesday. Earlier on Tuesday, the Foreign Ministry of South Sudan said the leaders of the Sudanese armed forces and the RSF have agreed to the truce from May 4-11. According to the statement, Gen. Abdel Fatah Al Burhan, the chairman of the Sovereign Council and the commander in chief of the Sudan military, and Dagalo agreed to name their representatives to begin negotiations. “It is premature to talk about our agreement to a seven-day truce. At this point, we have not agreed to a one-week truce,” Izzat told the Al Arabiya broadcaster. At the same time, Izzat stressed the RSF does not reject the truce and welcomes all initiatives aimed at resolving the internal conflict in Sudan. Gen. Brigadier Nabil Abdallah, the Sudanese military spokesman, told Sputnik Tuesday that Saudi-American mediators of the ongoing conflict in Sudan have proposed to hold negotiations between the sides in Saudi Arabia’s city of Jeddah. On April 15, violent clashes broke out between the Sudanese regular armed forces and the RSF, with the epicenter located in Khartoum. The parties to the conflict have introduced a number of temporary nationwide ceasefires since then, but none has helped in settling the conflict yet. AfricaVideo: Russian Diplomats, Defense Officials & Citizens Evacuated From Sudan2 May, 02:50 GMTAccording to the Sudanese Health Ministry, at least 550 people have been killed in the conflict, and nearly 5,000 have been injured.


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