Russian-Chinese-South African Navies Begin Active Phase of Military Drills

Russian military frigate ‘Admiral Gorshkov’ docked in the harbor of Cape Town on February 13, 2023, ahead of 10-day joint maritime drills being staged alongside South Africa and China.InternationalIndiaAfricaManaging EditorThe Russian Navy is represented by the “Admiral Gorshkov” frigate carrying hypersonic Zircon missiles and the medium sea tanker “Kama.” The Chinese Navy is represented by a frigate and a destroyer, as well as a supply vessel, and the South African Navy, in turn, by a frigate.South African, Chinese and Russian ships taking part in the “Mosi-II” naval maneuvers in the Indian Ocean have set out to sea to start the active phase of the exercises, the South African Ministry of Defense has announced.According to the statement, the crews of the three countries have started to carry out the operations worked out at the planning stage.The active phase of the exercises will end on February 27. It includes training on artillery fire, repelling air attacks by a prospective enemy, anti-terrorist actions, technical maneuvers and technical assistance to a ship in distress.According to a South African defense official, the goal of the maneuvers is to improve coordination and co-operation between the naval fleets of the three participating countries. The “Mosi-II” exercises will serve as a platform for an exchange of military knowledge, know-how and operational experience for the three militaries.At the start of the drills, Tan Kefei, a spokesman for China’s Defense Ministry, said they would enhance “the ability of all parties involved to jointly ensure maritime security.”AfricaWhat is Known About the South Africa–Russia–China Naval Drills Set to Kick Off Today?17 February, 08:11 GMT


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