Russia-China Trade Up 41.3% to $73.15 Billion

Russia and China 2022 Bilateral Trade DynamicsInternationalIndiaAfricaBEIJING, May 9 (Sputnik) – Russia-China trade in January-April 2023 significatly grew, China’s General Administration of Customs said, while the coutry’s economic relations with the US leave much to be desired.During the reporting period, China imported goods to Russia worth $33.686 billion, an increase of 67.2 percent on the same period in 2022; deliveries from Russia to China increased by 24.8 percent to $39.462 billion. Separately, in April, trade between the two countries amounted to $19.228 billion: Russia supplied goods worth $9.606 billion to China; China supplied goods worth $9.621 billion to Russia.However, US-China trade during this period decreased 11.2 percent to $217.924 billion. Chinese exports to the United States went down 14.3 percent year on year to $158.25 billion; deliveries from the US to China dropped 2 percent to $59.673 billion.EconomyIf China Ditches Dollar Amid ‘Emerging New Trade Order,’ Consequences for US ‘Could Be Stark’ 7 May, 10:54 GMTAt the same time Japan-Russia trade dropped by 41 percent in the first quarter of 2023, due to Tokyo’s unconstructive position, deputy head of the diplomatic mission Gennady Ovechko said in an interview with Sputnik.”[Japan’s] business circles are under unprecedented pressure from both local authorities and from abroad. Negative dynamics can also be seen in trade. In 2022, it neared $20 billion [a drop of 8.9 percent]; Japanese exports to Russia significantly fell to $4.67 billion [a drop of 40.5 percent],” Ovechko said.He said imports from Russia grew by 8.8 percent to $15.38 billion.


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