Moscow Hosts V-Day Military Parade on Red Square

 / Go to the mediabankVictory Day military parade in Moscow. May 9, 1945 / Go to the mediabankInternationalIndiaAfricaOn May 9, Russia celebrated the 78th anniversary of the Soviet victory over the Third Reich by holding a military parade on Red Square, in the very heart of Russia’s capital Moscow.The Victory Day parade in Moscow is held annually to commemorate the nation’s triumph in the Great Patriotic War that started in June 1941 when Nazi Germany invaded USSR and ended in May 1945 when the Soviet army captured the German capital Berlin and the Nazis surrendered.Despite last week’s attempts by Kiev regime terrorists to sow chaos in Moscow by staging a drone attack on the Kremlin, the parade proceeded without a hitch.While the parade is already over, you can still check out how it went down by viewing this video.

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