Memo: Biden Family Members Received Millions From Foreigners When Joe Was VP

US President Joe Biden, with son Hunter Biden.InternationalIndiaAfricaThe lack of transparency surrounding the Biden family’s foreign business deals raises serious national security concerns, warned House Oversight and Accountability Committee Chairman James Comer (R-Ky).On May 10, the US House Oversight and Accountability Committee released a memorandum pertaining to the ongoing congressional investigation into the Biden family’s “influence peddling and business schemes.””The Committee has subpoenaed four different banks and received thousands of records in response,” the document read. “The Committee’s bank subpoenas were tailored to specific individuals and companies that engaged in business activities with Biden family members and their business associates.”As per the memo, the Biden family and their business associates created a web of over 20 companies – most of which were limited liability firms established during Joe Biden’s vice presidency – mostly in Delaware and Washington, DC.In particular, first son Hunter Biden and his business associates formed at least 15 companies after Joe became Barack Obama’s veep in 2009. Those companies include Lion Hall Group LLC; Owasco P.C.; Robinson Walker, LLC; Skaneateles, LLC; Seneca Global Advisors, LLC; Rosemont Seneca Partners, LLC; Rosemont Seneca Principal Investments LLC; Rosemont Seneca Bohai, LLC; Hudson West III, LLC; Hudson West V, LLC; CEFC Infrastructure Investment (US) and others.AmericasCIA, Biden Campaign Reportedly Conspired to Dismiss News About Hunter’s Laptop06:49 GMTAccording to bank records, they received over $10 million from foreign nationals’ companies. What’s more, the committee has reportedly identified payments to Biden family members from foreign companies while Joe Biden served as VP and after he left public office.The document went on to say that the Biden family, their associates and their foreign partners apparently tried to conceal large financial transactions. In particular, after foreign companies sent money to the Bidens’ business associates, the then-vice presidential family received “incremental payments over time to different bank accounts.””These complicated financial transactions appear to conceal the source of the funds and reduce the conspicuousness of the total amounts made into the Biden bank accounts,” the memo alleged.During the Wednesday presser, the committee’s chair, James Comer, pointed out that the congressional panel is specifically concerned about the fact that Hunter and his partners largely struck lucrative deals with foreign figures suspected of corruption in countries which his father supervised as Obama’s vice president.WorldAnalyst of Hunter’s Laptop From Hell: If ‘Big Guy’ Is Biden, He Will Pay a Heavy Price22 May 2022, 18:51 GMTComer noted that this pattern was first exposed years ago with a deal between Hunter and Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings led by corrupt Ukrainian tycoon Mykola Zlochevsky. Zlochevsky used to pay Hunter a staggering $83,333 per month for serving on the board of Ukrainian gas firm Burisma even though the younger Biden had zero expertise in the energy sector.The newly-released memo has likewise shed light on Hunter’s ties with a Romanian businessman named Gabriel Popoviciu, who was charged and convicted with bribery. In particular, the panel focused on a series of transactions between 2015 and 2017, stressing that the money flow from Popoviciu stopped exactly at the time when Joe stepped down as veep. “This is a pattern of influence peddling,” Comer alleged.Furthermore, Popoviciu’s Cypriot company Bladon Enterprises Limited began making deposits into a bank account of Robinson Walker LLC, a company controlled by one of Hunter’s associates, within five weeks of Joe Biden’s meeting with Romania’s president at the White House in September 2015. Remarkably, the two met to discuss “anticorruption efforts and rule of law.””The Committee is further concerned that while Vice President Biden advocated publicly for anti-corruption policies in Romania, bank records show Biden family members and business associates were simultaneously reaping in significant amounts of money from a Romanian individual at the center of a Romanian corruption scandal,” the memo emphasized.From November 2015 to May 2017, Bladon Enterprises sent Robinson Walker, LLC over $3 million. Some of the money then went to Biden family members, according to the panel.WorldLaptop Saga: Juiciest Part of Hunter Biden’s Story Excluded From Memoir, Daily Mail Exposé9 April 2021, 17:09 GMTThe panel also indicated that Biden family members and their related companies also received millions of dollars from Chinese foreign nationals’ companies. In particular, the panel has drawn attention to one specific transaction from August 2017 showing that Hunter Biden’s firm received at least $100,000 from Shanghai Huaxin in China.On top of this, the panel’s memo also shed light on the Bidens’ ties with Serbian businessman Vuc Jeremic, who sought to become the UN General Assembly leader in 2016.

"Evidence indicates Hunter Biden and his associates sought to help Jeremic with this campaign by leveraging their connection with the Office of the Vice President (OVP). In an email dated June 16, 2016 (…) Jeremic wrote Hunter Biden and Eric Schwerin (a Biden family associate) asking if he could ‘meet with VPOTUS National Security Advisor Colin Kahl’ related to the elections for UN secretary-general," the memo said, adding that, presumably, a Biden administration official met with Jeremic to discuss the UN election at the direction of Hunter and his business associates.

The memo emphasized that in October 2020, on a campaign trail, Joe Biden vehemently denied that his son Hunter had been involved in any unethical and inappropriate business dealing with foreign companies. Likewise, then-presidential nominee Biden denied knowing anything about his son’s business activities. The panel vowed to unveil further details about the Bidens’ questionable dealings which particularly came into light after the New York Post’s October 2020 bombshell report about Hunter’s “laptop from hell,” abandoned by the younger Biden at a Delaware repair shop.”The Committee has uncovered evidence indicative of influence peddling and financial deception warranting further investigation and legislative solutions,” the committee’s memo emphasized.


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