Dems Going to ‘Cheat’ to Keep Biden in White House in 2024

Президент Джо Байден шутит о том, к какому репортеру обратиться с вопросом, Белый дом, Вашингтон, СШАInternationalIndiaAfricaIt’s unbelievable that the Democratic Party decided to back Joe Biden’s re-election given his low poll numbers, Daniel McAdams, executive director of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity, told Sputnik. The party doesn’t seem to have any other real candidate except for Robert F. Kennedy Jr., whom top Democrats are trying to “disappear.”Joe Biden announced re-election campaign on April 25. In his video announcement, the incumbent president promised to “finish the job” and stand against “MAGA extremists.” Meanwhile, Biden’s poll numbers look unimpressive: Gallup’s job approval rating at the end of Biden’s third year was just 40%; a recent All-America Economic Survey found that 70% of Americans don’t want Joe to run again, largely citing his age. According to the US mainstream press, Democratic voters met Biden’s announcement with more “acceptance” than “excitement.”

"It really is unbelievable," said Daniel McAdams. "I mean, just looking at the numbers, any other candidate would look at those numbers and he'd run for the hills. I think I saw something where 70% of Democrat voters don't want Biden to run again. They want someone different. And it is astonishing that he is running again. But the fact of the matter is there's simply no one else out there. There is no one of a national stature on the Democratic Party side to run in the 2024 presidential elections. And I suspect that the people that are in charge, and Biden himself is obviously not in charge, the people in charge, they may actually be hoping for a Trump nomination on the Republican side, because that would help them say, 'Look, you don't love Biden, that's fine, however, if you switch your vote over to Trump, you're going to get Trump, the worst person since Hitler, he’s Putin's puppet.' So I think they're counting on the fact that the Democrats don't love Biden. It's just that they hate Trump that much."

AnalysisWhat Affects Biden’s 2024 Reelection Chances?27 April, 00:32 GMTThe generation of young Democrats who joined the Biden government three years ago are “absolute disasters”, McAdams continued referring to Kamala Harris and Pete Buttegieg, in particular. California Governor Gavin Newsom appears to be an interesting alternative to Biden, but apparently he’s thinking this is not his time, according to the scholar. The same goes for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, on the other side of the political aisle: “He hasn’t earned his bones yet. It’s just not his time,” McAdams remarked. He went on by saying that the only Democratic challenger to Biden of a real national stature is Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who announced his presidential bid on April 19.

"Robert F Kennedy Jr. has broad appeal," McAdams said. "Even before he announced, he was scoring at 14% in the polls for the Democratic Party. He has broad appeal. He gave an incredible two-hour speech announcing his candidacy for the presidency, where he with incredible intelligence and facility discussed real issues that Americans care about. He discussed what's happened to the middle class and the working class. He discussed the destruction to the environment. He discussed corporatism, how corporations get in bed with government to rip off Americans. He discussed the destruction of the lockdowns over COVID. He discussed the destruction of our economy over our endless militarism, the stupidity of our Ukraine policy. I mean, it was an incredible, incredible speech. And that's the very reason why the corporate media and the Democratic Party are doing everything they can to disappear him, because they don't want to talk about the issues, because on each one of these issues, they're on the opposite side of the American people."

AmericasHunter Biden’s Legal Team Meets With DoJ Officials Amid Criminal Probe26 April, 23:51 GMTWhen it comes to the Republicans’ election odds, it all depends “on how much cheating goes on,” according to McAdams. The Biden presidency has been tainted by the messy Afghanistan withdrawal, border crisis, soaring crime rates, inflation, looming recession, and controversial Ukraine adventure – and still, the US scholar does not rule out that the Dems may play dirty in order to boost their chances and that the GOP should be prepared to that.

"We know for a fact that they did cheat," McAdams emphasized. "Antony Blinken, who is now the secretary of state, called up the former acting director of the CIA just days before the election, as you know, when the Hunter Biden laptop story was coming out showing how corrupt the Biden family is, how depraved Hunter Biden is personally, just what an awful family they are and what potentially illegal activities they were involved in. The person who became the secretary of state, who was a top official on the campaign, called up his buddy over at the CIA and said: 'Hey, we need to quash this story, get together some top-level intelligence people, tell them it's Russian propaganda, and no one will talk about it or do anything about it.' That's blatantly cheating in an election, and that's only one of the things that they did. Jake Sullivan with the Alfa Bank story, I'm sure your listeners know all about that. They cheated, and they'll continue to cheat. So, can the Republicans pull it off? I think after four years of Biden, Trump, with all of his faults – and he has many, is going to appeal to more Americans. Of course, unless Trump puts his foot in his mouth again, which he is very good at doing. But otherwise, I think his appeal is going to be broader."


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