China’s Eclipse

China’s Moon BaseInternationalIndiaAfricaThe China National Space Administration (CNSA) has made great progress in their mission to get to the moon. So great, in fact, Wu Weiren, the chief designer of China’s Lunar Exploration Program told Chinese media on Monday that they have plans to build a station on the moon by the 2028. The station is being built in a partnership with Russia and is expected to be up and running on the lunar south pole by 2028. The US also has plans to land its Artemis 3 mission in that same location with a scheduled launch in late 2025 using a SpaceX lander, with plans to build a similar station over the next decade. Their deadline for the Artemis Base Camp was set for 2030, but a leaked document has suggested the actual timeline is 2034.“We are currently developing a new energy system where nuclear energy can provide high-power and long-time supply. And the communication facility can achieve communication between the moon and the Earth, or with other planets such as Mars,” Wu said.China’s base is also expected to hold a lander, hopper, orbiter, and a rover that will transport astronauts around the moon. The launchpad could also help future missions in space. Chang’e 7 and 8 will launch in 2026, and after landing will begin to explore the south pole for an area that can be used as a foundation for its station. The US, meanwhile, is also aiming to power their station with nuclear energy, and sent the Orion capsule into lunar orbit earlier this month.The US now has its eyes on China, as the country has made significant progress in its space race over the past few years. NASA Administrator Bill Nelson warned in July that China’s landing on the moon is a message to other nations, suggesting: “It’s ours now and you stay out,” which the Chinese foreign ministry has denied.


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