Boris’ Blunder-Ridden Resignation

Boris ResignationInternationalIndiaAfricaFormer Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s resignation was predated by a number of scandals, including “Party-gate”-related fines that made Johnson the first UK prime minister to officially break the law. The 16 social gatherings attended by Johnson and other officials appear to be the tip of the iceberg. The Independent reported earlier this week that it was in possession of “a leaked copy of the estimate for the renovation of the prime minister’s Downing Street flat which totals more than £200,000,” or $240,000.The total far exceeds the annual budgetary allotment of £30,000 ($36,000).Boris Johnson Reportedly Mulling Leaving Politics Altogether Amid Fallout10 July 2022, 03:56 GMTPer the invoice, an interior designer invoiced the Cabinet Office for a £3,675 ($4,419) drinks trolley, £6,000 ($7,214) lamp, and two sofas valued at more than £15,000 ($18,036).Weekend reports from The Telegraph have suggested that Johnson is weighing the possibility of completely leaving politics in the wake of the various scandals his administration has been tied to.


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