Beijing Says Russia-China Trade Open and Fair, Not Against Third Countries

In an interview with China National Radio published Sunday, Professor Jin Canrong of the Institute of International Relations at Renmin University explained why Russia and China have a shared sense of historical memory regarding the Second World War, and why the partnership between the two countries is likely to be a lasting one.InternationalIndiaAfricaBEIJING (Sputnik) – The trade relations between Russia and China are open and fair and do not target any third countries, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said on Monday, referring to possible EU sanctions against Chinese firms. On Sunday, media reported that the European Union might for the first time impose sanctions against Chinese companies, which were allegedly selling military equipment to Russia amid Moscow’s ongoing special operation in Ukraine. Analysis‘Really Silly Actions’: US Efforts to Isolate China’s Tech Sector Will Backfire, Expert Says31 January, 17:30 GMT”Trade and economic relations between Russia and China are fair and transparent, they are not targeting third countries and are not subject to a third-party interference and coercion,” Wang told a briefing. The spokesman added that in case the bloc applies sanctions against the Chinese entities, the move could “seriously violate trust and cooperation with China, exacerbate division and confrontation in the world.”


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