Alberta Wildfires Smoke Spreads Across Canada and Parts of US map showing smoke distribution in Alberta and surrounding areas.InternationalIndiaAfricaWith nearly 1 million acres burned across Canada’s Alberta province and the situation growing dire by the day, provincial officials have called for military assistance from the federal government.Smoke from numerous active wildfires in central Alberta is rapidly spreading throughout the country, affecting regions as far as the Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Ontario, and even reaching parts of the United States.Tracking data by Canadian officials has revealed there are 89 wildfires raging on Tuesday, with 26 of them being marked as out of control.The dire situation has prompted authorities in Alberta to issue evacuation orders for nearly 30,000 individuals, as the number of active wildfires continue to rise. The severity of the fires has led to the cancellation of coronation celebrations scheduled for Saturday at the University of Alberta Botanic Garden.Alberta Premier Danielle Smith has expressed her commitment to maintaining order and preventing looting in evacuated communities by deploying military personnel.© Photo : MWObsMount Washington Observatory provides haze map, valid on May, 9.Mount Washington Observatory provides haze map, valid on May, 9.Acknowledging the immense hardship faced by those displaced by the wildfires, the provincial government has announced financial aid in the form of one-time payments effective Tuesday. Adults forced to spend a minimum of seven consecutive days away from their homes will be eligible for $1,250, while each dependent child will receive $500.Although some parts of Alberta currently have lower temperatures and sporadic light rains, which may offer respite, the government is cautioning residents about an anticipated return to hot and dry conditions, noting it’s crucial to remain vigilant as fires have the potential to reignite – even after several days of light rain.Authorities have continued to monitor the situation closely, working tirelessly to combat the wildfires and mitigate the impact on communities. Efforts to ensure the safety and well-being of affected residents are ongoing as the battle against these destructive fires persists.


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